Choose from a wide range of services. We offer: supervision of project implementation and technical solutions, reconstruction, modification, redesign/refurbishment and more. We can provide a skilled workforce for short-term contracts in the field or directly at the clients company. Our engineering, design, management and specialist activities are broad and constantly growing in different areas: 

Activities and experiences :

- 3D modeling in CAX, CAD systems 
- 2D to 3D documentation 
- Model parameterization 
- Progressive methods in design practices 
- Design Methodology
- Design of pipelines
- Design of steel structures
- Design of pressure vessels in the energy and chemical industries
- Design of biomass processing
- Design of biogas plants with wet or dry fermentation
- Production of pellets and briquettes
- Electricity production from biomass
- Cooling from low potential heat ( trigeneration )
- Cogeneration
- Construction of specialized biomass plants ( eg wood chips )
- Turnicate construction , belt conveyors, separators, filters, cyclones, shredders
- Experience with using low potential heat
- Design of furnaces , boilers for burning wood chips , or other material
- Design of wastewater treatment plants
- Energy renewal from waste and biomass
- Development and administrative action plans, from EU Structural Funds , APVV grant scheme
- Participation as partners on projects financed by various funding bodies
- Studies on the viability of proposed solutions
- preliminary studies
- Implementation and execution of projects
- Expertise
- Brokerage
- Research
- Providing skilled employees for projects
- Strength analysis
- Dynamic analysis
- Kinematic analysis
- Nonlinear analysis
- Expertise
- Static reports
- Analysis of explosion resistance and fire protection
- Detecting the causes of machine or material failures or reduced life
- Tribology
- Drawing documentation
- Idea visualization
- Project management
- Experience in the field of alternative energy sources
- Construction of flood barriers
- Detachable surface impoundment and storage without the need for permits


Implementation of solutions

We ensure the production and realization of your projects, whether on your own terms in cooperation with highly qualified production companies recommended by us, whom we have cooperative contracts.



Overview of activities and implementations: 

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Software to solve any project:






Solid Edge



As well as others according to client specifications

Reconstruction, adaptation and innovation

We provide the redesign, modification or retrofitting of your plant, its equipment and structures according to the requirements that you demand. We also deploy skilled manpower for short-term contracts in related fields that will work directly in your company.





Key words that best describe our activities: 
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author: Ing. Juraj Ondruška PhD.


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