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Above all, our goal is to satisfy our customers. We have a team of experts with long-term experience in the design of a wide range of machinery, structures, equipment , production lines and technological complexes . It is our pleasure to create an ideological study or provide simple consulting advice. By doing so we maintain a professional service during all construction phases of your project, including the preparation of production to its implementation, supervision of construction phases, prototype testing, protection of intellectual property rights and start up of mass production .

We have experience in the following fields:

- research
- construction
- Machinery industry and technical documentation
- Equipment for wastewater treatment plant ( WWTP )
- Biogas installations
- Addressing European projects as well as projects from national agencies
( ESF VEGA , KEGA , RF , CEKOMAT , wastrel , APVV ..... )
- Design, implementation, and managment of hydraulic systems
- Recycling and processing of various types of waste and biomass
- Industrial Informatics , Automation and Robotics
- Earthworks and excavation
- Design of:
• Production machinery manufacturing technology
• Forming Machines
• Extruders
• Biomass boilers
• Briquette presses
• Pellet presses
• Agricultural machinery
• Equipment for the chemical industry
• Equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
• Equipment for the aerospace industry
• Devices for the automotive industry
• Military equipment
• Boats
• Engines
• Earthmoving machines
• Crushers
• Other equipment

- Construction and construction services , as well as construction supervision
- Ecology and legislation
- Foundries
- Manufacture of metals and steels
- Dealing with authorities, organizational abilities
- Economic , business advisory and accounting
- Purchase and sales of goods
- Recruitment activity in services and manufacturing
- Computer services , data processing , hardware, software , network , Internet
- Security systems
- Road freight transport, maintenance of motor vehicles , foundation engineering and earthworks
- Tourism
- Construction machinery and other equipment
with sufficient technological readiness we can provide training in various fields .


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Partners :

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Fermont s.r.o.

Civest Slovakia spol. s.r.o.

MAT - autodoprava

P.B.I. s.r.o.


VI GROUP, spol. s r.o.


AJ Team s.r.o.

Intech Slovakia, s.r.o.

Energy team



and anothers ....



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author: Ing. Juraj Ondruška PhD.







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