Welcome to J.O.C. Co. - Mechanical and structural engineering from idea to realization.

      At J.O.C. s.r.o. we handle all stages of project documentation for the manufacture of machinery and steel structures from their concept and design analysis to project realization. We can design, model, create, modify and optimize, purpose built machinery and specialized machinery. We offer the supply and manufacture of product built to customer specifications. We can invent, design, modify or optimize purpose built machines, special equipment, manufacturing equipment, as well as production lines. We have extensive experience in research and development focused on solving design, development and operational problems using advanced systems, tools and methods. We offer reverse engineering of existing or prototype equipment including 3D printing, 3D scanning, production of silicone molds, injection molding, silicone molding, wax cores for castings, prototype parts, artworks, and other part types. In addition to these activities, we also provide advice on related subjects. Our company also has other activities that are defined in the Commercial Register


author: Ing. Juraj Ondruška PhD.


J.O.C. ,s.r.o.

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